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No, we only charge when chartered and this is normally covered under a form of insurance.

Flight costs are normally paid for through your travel insurance provider. If you do not have insurance cover, we can provide you directly with a bill for services.

Prices vary depending on the level of medical care required, distance to be travelled and difficulty of retrieval.  Please contact us for a quote specific to your circumstances.

Medicair is available 24/7.

Medicair flies throughout the entire PNG region and is also able to connect with Australia (Queensland) as well as parts of South East Asia.

Depending on time of day and current commitments, we can have a plane airborne within an hour.

This depends on the medical risk assessment taken at the time of call but may include aeromedical pilots, intensive care flight paramedics and doctors.

We only provide professional medical staff that meet all PNG certifications.

Our aircrafts are either twin stretcher or single stretcher and can be configured to suit any task.  We carry all appropriate medical equipment and medications to ensure appropriate medical care for our patients.

Our professional medical staff will make an assessment of the patient to determine the suitability of air travel. At all times the best interests of the patient are paramount.

Our planes and facilities are not equipped with humidicribs so we are unable to cater for post natal mothers and babies.

It is essential that the medical team have complete control and access to the patient at all times during the mission. Consequently, the medical staff will make the decision about the appropriateness of a family member travelling on the flight. In the majority of cases the family member gets to travel.

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